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Jan 24, 2013 4:00pm EST
slowly. revenue is still growing rather slowly but still a pretty good environment. >> all right. here we go. the first of the earnings out from microsoft. we were expecting 75 cents. came in at 76 september, beating by a penny. the revenue was expected to be 21.53 billion. we got 21.46, so a little light on that. let's bring in our guests. max wolf from green press capital and david pearl next tomakers executive vice president and co-chief investment officer and jon fortt, anything to add on what we're seeing so far in the early statements of the microsoft report with stock up half a percent? >> yes, i've got a breakdown. >> 32.5, $1 billion on revenue is what we're getting on at&t right now and 44 cents for the eps is what we're getting for at&t as opposed to the expectation of 45, so it looks as though revenue was a little bit higher than exed, but looks as if the eps was one sent shorter than expected. we'll get back to microsoft right now and talk more about at&t earnings in just a second. >> don't you love it when they all come out at the same time. >> why can't you corporate guys c
Jan 28, 2013 4:00pm EST
of wait and see. what's the environment going to look like before businesses really get aggressive in business development. i think that could weigh in going forward. the other would be interest rates. >> jeannie you've been keeping your investors through stock during that battle over the fiscal cliff. are you expecting another battle of the debt ceiling? >> we love the stock market last year. yes, i don't think the battle is going to be as brutal as the last-minute fiscal cliff negotiations. but i do agree that the year will probably start out a little slow because a lot of plans were put on hold in the fourth quarter. but look. so far 70% of the companies that have reported earnings over the last couple of weeks have been above expectations. so that's a good trend. we think gdp will build as we go through the year. and so we continue to like this market. you have to be a little cautious when the dow is with i think 2% of its all-time record high nap is amazing. that is really amazing. >> wow. looks like we got a blowout here on yahoo. let me get you the numbers here. 32 cents a s
Jan 31, 2013 4:00pm EST
? the fed has created this environment where there are not that many alternatives, to you know, multi-nationals that pay dividends. >> that's 100% true, so when you look at it, you have 3% dividend payers versus a 2% ten-year, especially in a market that's going up. seems like had a no-brainer. people will look to put their money there, and i think institutions are starting to look as well as retailers, starting to look at that trade and putting their money to work in the equity market. >> so, let me ask you this, shawn, because we're looking at really a fundamental change happening across wall street. we know that investment banks are slinking. compensation is down, and yet you're expanding, building up your investment bank. what do you see that perhaps others don't? >> well, there's a structural change in how the finances services landscape is going to appear over the next five to ten years so larger institutions clearly having to deal with regulatory issues, cost of capital has gone up. from our perspective we're getting in and taking advantage of that and building out our franchis
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3